Deep Fryer Wiki

A steward has to be very meticulous when it comes to cleaning the deep fryer.  After all, this kitchen equipment is almost always used in restaurants, so it needs to be kept clean at all times.  Here are the steps on how to properly clean the deep fryer.

The first thing that the kitchen steward has to do is to, of course, inform the chef that he is going to clean the deep fryer.  Once the chef is done with the unit, he can then proceed to cleaning the deep fryer.

Prior to cleaning the unit, the kitchen steward has to first check and make sure that there are no utensils, food products, or other kitchen items near the unit.  If all things are clear, switch the deep fryer unit off and then open the drain valve to drain the oil from the unit and into a stainless steel container.  Once oil has been drained, immediately close the drain valve to minimize contamination.  A side note though, never use a plastic container to contain the oil as the oil is still hot.

After the kitchen steward has removed the oil and kept it in a secure place, fill the deep fryer unit up with cold water so as to presoak it.  Once done, add in the oven cleaner liquid, about two cups of it, and then turn the machine back on.  The boiling water and oven cleaner liquid should loosen up any dry grease that have accumulated, so be sure to leave it for about half an hour before switching off the unit.

With the unit off, thoroughly scrub the unit with a long handled brush to further loosen up the accumulated oil, grease, and food particles until the unit is clean.  The kitchen steward should make sure that he does not make any splashes though.

To rinse the deep fryer unit, the kitchen steward has to empty the contents of the unit using the drain valve and then rinsing it off with cold water.  He has to thoroughly remove any traces of dirty water, oil, and food particles from the unit before closing the drain valve once more.  He also has to make sure that there are no chemical odors are left on the unit.

Next, he then has to wipe the exterior of the deep fryer unit off with a soft cloth soaked in warm water.  To dry it off, he should make use of a new soft cloth.  The inside of the unit should also be wiped dry with a soft cloth.  He has to make sure that no traces of water are left on the unit because it can cause an accident.  Remember, when hot oil mixes with water, it could spatter and injure the chef.

Lastly, he then has to tidy up and clean the surrounding area with a damp soft cloth.  After this, he then has to mop up the floor to remove any water that might have spilled unto the floor.  This is done once again to prevent accidents as a slippery floor can cause someone to slip and fall.

Once done, inform the chef that the deep fryer unit is once again ready for use.

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