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Sometimes the joggers may feel too dramatic and stupid in the jogging clothes. Some of them may consider that the others are laughing at them. I know this feeling and I have this kind of feeling before. I always run in the empty road. I will rush out from the back door. But now I find that secretly running is unnecessary. A large amounts of human is jealous of your jogging movement. People generally just want to think their business. They even don’t care about the runners in the road. In their view, runners just the part of the beautiful scenery. In the moment, people can see that the splendid setting is indispensable section of busy life.

When I live in my city, I am just a member of the residential areas. The children say hello to me happily. And adults wave to me friendly. If I run in the road they will join me. We live in a happy mood. If only you hold a happy mind and live actively you can find that life is wonderful. If you want to jog easily you must know the techniques of jogging. The running technology is easy to learn. Can you still remember the moment of playing golf? According to your coach you have to hold the bat in his way. However jogging is different from playing golf. No one needs to be told how to jog. Once you start to jog you can see that jogging is an easy sport. In fact the most important thing is that you must know the gestures of jogging. The key secret of running is that you have to run naturally. Your body is a unique biological mechanical system. There is no same machine in this world. We can see that different machine hold a different function. On this occasion we shouldn’t copy others’ jogging ways. When you are running you have to try different method to find the perfect way.
You should own an easy mood. You don’t care about your pace or speed of jogging. You jog with natural pose. You must in a correct jogging way to avoid unnecessary pain. Joggers must have a health breathing. As long as you are in a tardy pace you can breathe through your nose instead of mouth. On the contrary you’d better breathe through the mouth to get enough air. Because of some reasons many beginners have a wrong understanding of running. In the process of jogging people must keep these principles in mind. However joggers have the right to keep jogging in the rest of their life. We should keep in mind that jogging is useful to the figure condition. It is also for fun. Jogging can delete the anxious mind. Jogging is a special treatment. If you focus on this kind of fun you will own a healthy figure and happy mood.

As long as you find a suitable path, you can see that life is amazing and wonderful. I want to have the spirit of joggers. Running is the best way to let me up. In a word jogging may cure our heart. When you are in the bad mood, you can run. We must remember that running is our best friend.

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