How To Fix Common Commercial Refrigerator Issues Quick?

Commercial refrigerators are larger, and they run at a cooler temperature, they also have more sections than a residential refrigerator. Because of its larger cooling space and since it is running at a lower temperature, commercial refrigerators suffer more wear and tear, and they are prone to break down than residential refrigerators. 

Even the most durable refrigeration brands that are made from the highest quality materials need repair, so when you find yourself needing refrigeration maintenance or repair, you need to know the basics so you can fix the issues quickly and efficiently, with the help of commercial refrigeration repair service. You also need to fix the issues yourself if it is minor. Here are some of the most common issues that you may find:

Power issues

If your commercial refrigerator is not powering up or if your bottle fridge is not cooling, make sure that your unit does not have a power switch that has been accidentally switched off. Check to see if the power cord has been appropriately plugged to the outlet; chances are it was knocked out of place. If it still does not work, check if the wiring for the outlet and ground wires are active. The issue may be the power supply and not the refrigeration unit. You can use a voltage detector to make sure that the outlet has a voltage present. Remember that there are manufacturers that warn their uses never to use extension cords because it will void the warranty. 

Evaporator Fan

If you find your fridge freezing up and if it is collecting ice throughout the unit, then you need to make sure that your evaporator fan is running correctly. You need to let the ice melt off the evaporator first. If the ice is new, you can melt it off by turning off your fridge. The coils of the evaporator should be clean, and you can check the manual for your model for cleaning tips. Also, make sure that the drain lines are clean too. You may see that only a portion of the evaporator coil is freezing up, which means that you have a low charge, so the pressures and the sub-cooling may need to be checked by a certified technician. 

Lighting issues

One of the minor problems of commercial refrigerators is the lights not working. If that happens to your unit, you need to look at the lights themselves. Some brands use LED lights, but if you need to replace the lights, make sure that it is verified and approved by the manufacturer of your unit, or else you run the risk of burning out the electrical sockets. Always check the manual that accompanies your unit to make sure that you are using the proper repair option. 

Frost buildup 

Your refrigerator should have a defrost option, which helps remove frost buildup and excess condensation inside the fridge. If this cycle is not adjusted, frost can build up. You can also find the defrost cycle inside the fridge; it is set with a timer that may look like temperature control. You can adjust the defrost option so that the fridge defrosts more often and this can fix the issue. If this does not work, you need to call a technician to check if the control needs to be repaired or rewired. 

You can try these easy solutions for simple commercial fridge problems:

Check the fan blades: Clean the fan blades from time to time. Remove any protective covers and wipe the fan blade clean. This will allow the blades to work properly and to keep the neighboring parts of the unit from overheating. 

Look for malfunctions: Check fridge equipment regularly for malfunctions. Thermostats and other parts must be maintained and checked on a routine basis so that larger issues can be prevented before they happen. 

Clean the unit regularly: Cleaning your fridge thoroughly can help prevent lots of issues, particularly with the coils and fans. Using a dry cloth, wipe down the unit that uses static to attract particles of dirt and dust, and it can keep the coils dry and clean. 

If you need a professional technician to do the work for you, you can contact your local service provider. Commercial refrigeration repair at Fort Worth is available to help you out with any issues. 

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